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Personal Injury

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    Since 2011, Ethan’s litigation efforts have yielded over $100 million dollars recovered for clients.


    Suffering an injury is frightening. The medical bills, the lost time at work, the pain, the suffering, and the nagging fear that you may not get better. You ask, “Do I have legal rights because of my injury?” “Do I have a potential case against another person, organization, or insurance company because of my injury?”

    I have written this book for every person who has suffered an injury, or even the death of a loved one, and is unsure how to proceed regarding their legal rights. It is confusing. Whose insurance pays? What if there is no insurance? What about my health insurance? How much should I be compensated for my injury?

    I have found that there is not much useful information available for those who have been injured. Sure, there are lots of television commercials for lawyers advertising to represent clients in personal injury cases. But, the 30-second spots do little to answer the questions that injured people have.

    Remarkably, nearly every time I meet new clients about an injury, the clients usually ask the same questions. Good questions. Good questions for which we lawyers have failed to educate the public. I have attempted to write this book in a conversational tone, avoiding “legalese,” and to simply answer the questions that my new clients often ask me.

    Ethan Vessels
    Ohio Personal Injury Attorney