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Oil & Gas Leasing

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    Since 2011, the firm’s litigation efforts have yielded over $15 million in lease bonuses to landowners and millions of increased royalty revenues.


    As of the date I write, Spring of 2014, we are well into the “shale boom” here in Southeast Ohio. I have dedicated most of the three last years of my practice to representing landowners.

    The advent of horizontal drilling into the previously unattainable shale has transformed Eastern and Southeastern Ohio. It is amazing that these sophisticated oil and gas producers can drill over a mile through hard rock, turn the drill bit sideways, and then continue drilling further into the shale, eventually flowing gas to the surface. These revolutionary advances will soon make the United States the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

    There are leases floating all over Southeast Ohio. Yet, most landowners do not understand the overall effect of the lease. I wrote this book to help understand the complete picture.

    I have attempted to write this book in a conversational tone, avoiding “legalese.” Oil and gas law can (and does) take entire volumes of law books. My goal is not to cover every aspect of oil and gas law, and this short book is not a substitute for seeing an attorney to get specific advice. Rather, my goal is to answer the questions on the basics to help landowners make informed decisions.

    Ethan Vessels
    Ohio Oil and Gas Attorney