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If you are injured while on the job, workers’ compensation should cover medical costs and lost wages. However, you may also have a separate personal injury claim. If you have suffered a severe injury due to a work accident, it is in your interest to speak with a lawyer about your situation to obtain a clear understanding of all of your options. Attorney Ethan Vessels is skilled at determining whether a work-related injury can reasonably lead to a separate personal injury claim. Recently, Attorney Vessels negotiated a seven-figure settlement arising from workplace personal injury and is a life member of The Million Dollar Advocates Forum. If you are suffering from severe or permanent injuries stemming from a workplace or trucking accident, or if you have lost a loved one and would like to pursue a wrongful death claim, we are here to help you.


You may have a personal injury claim in a work accident if you were injured on the job due to the negligence of someone not related to your employer. A common example is a company driver injured by another motorist. The driver typically would have a workers’ compensation claim and a separate claim against the at-fault driver. Other examples include injuries caused by subcontractors or unrelated contractors at a construction site, or injuries caused by employees of a different company. In some circumstances, the employer can be liable for deliberately or recklessly causing an employee’s injuries. This is called an “employer intentional tort” action. Thankfully, these situations are rare. In some cases, however, such as when an employer removes safety devices to speed production, the employee may have a separate case against the employer. While Attorney Vessels’ focus is bringing personal injury claims in these cases, our firm also accepts inquiries regarding workers’ compensation claims. If Attorney Vessels cannot help you, he will be able to refer you to another lawyer who can.

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