We have been investigating the following specialized cases:

C8.  Although the major litigation has now concluded, people in the Mid-Ohio Valley continue to suffer kidney and testicular cancer at rates much greater than the national average.  If certain criteria are met, there are still meritorious cases.

COVID-19 Business InterruptionMany small business owners suffered dramatic reductions, or complete losses, of revenue during the 2020 COVID shutdowns. Revenue losses of this nature are often covered by commercial insurance.  However, many insurers are denying these “business interruption” claims—contrary to the language of their policies.

Depuy HipsThese are three-part hip replacements made of a chromium and cobalt alloy.  Unfortunately, they have not been working correctly, causing necrosis of surrounding tissue, often causing the need for revision surgeries.

Stryker HipsThese are four-piece hip implants.  Their heavy metal parts rub together causing corrosion, and heavy metals are released into the body, resulting in serious vision problems: retinal vasculitis, retinal vascular occlusion, retinal vein occlusion, retinal detachment, and even blindness.

Hernia MeshSurgeons began using synthetic meshes to repair hernias starting in 2006.  They can cause various problems:  revision surgeries, bacterial infections, hernia recurrence, and mesh migration.

JUUL E-cigarettes.  These are not safe substitutes for smoking.  JUUL improperly targeted youth in its marketing efforts. There have been thousands of reported injuries and dozens of deaths arising from respiratory injuries, lung abnormalities, strokes, seizures, heart attacks, pneumonia, and birth defects.

Oil-and-Gas Investment LossUnforeseen losses from energy investments recommended by investment brokers.

Pressure CookersRemember the “Instapots” from a few Christmases ago? They can be dangerous.  The CPSC has issued a warning that these devices can fail to release pressure, even if the user has correctly used the product.  Severe burns and other serious injuries have resulted.

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